Oct 12, 2007


all possible ways to blog have failed. and im home so soon that its useless.

wholy fuck last night me and cody were watching hostel 2 in bed. number one let me mention that it was pitch black, the house is in the middle of nowhere on the ocean town of probably only like 300 inhabitants, closest neightbour is....well close...but never close enough, and were in easterish europe. hostel 2 is like pretty much our worst nightmare since were always surrounded with guys that could be easily casted into the movie and be doing what the movie guys are doing if they were motovated enough.

were watching watching scared thinking how tomorow (naive) were gonna reseach if this actually ever happened in yugo, and the FUCKING POWER GOES OUT .i dont notice cuz ive already drank two glasses to calm my nerves, cody notices and i think right away fuck there we go were finished , somebody thought were american and is gonna sell us to some japs to slaughter for fun. so i phoned my uncle to make sure he knows that were about to be game, and hes drunk at a pub, my aunt asures me its only because i had my hair dryer, computer, lamp,tv,ipod and oven plugged in and the power goes out occasionaly from overuse.

thanks sorry to wake you.

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