May 11, 2008


we went to the rose bowl flea market where there is over 20 000 beautiful exhibitors and about 10 000 of them were selling things i wanted to look at. it was hard but so perfect. people from all over the world come to this flea market. my example is the cute peace sign tights japanese cutie girl. it was hard to take photos, to buisy trying on lapus rings. love

walked down melrose, in between all the gross stuff i found some puppies

i didnt score too much stuff, im taking it easy. but what i did find was cheap nice bellbottoms, gross mommy pants that only one special person i know will be able to wear, shades (1$ wayfarers), handmade mocs from really beautiful arizona indian couple and rings. oh and a frock to die for which is only wearable to the joshua tree park tomorow. love

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